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We are evolving! Traditionally an entrepreneurial consulting and educational innovation company, we have recently shifted our focus to build out a product we've long been striving to create. While we still focus on educational innovation via our Podcast, we currently are seeking partnerships with our constantly evolving global network to enable innovations that we believe will be the building blocks of sustained international collaboration.

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Toarc United together with Thoughts of a Random Citizen strives to give those seeking an unbiased, worldly perspective, a way to obtain the best information possible. Whether that be financial independence, self-improvement, education about world events, information about ways to improve your business, or ideas about how to start your business, we are here to help. We aim to create a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, innovators, software designers and anyone in-between to discuss and create together.


ToaRC United together with Thoughts of a Random Citizen has a simple purpose. To motivate, innovate, and elevate this generation and the next generation of entrepreneurs. To inspire those into realizing anything from the smallest idea to their life long dream. TOGETHER we aim to create a cleaner, safer, humbler, and more giving world for all those who live in it.

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Who is Hugh

As a non-stop traveler of the world, Hugh decided to build a platform and podcast to educate and connect people the best way he knew how, through conversation. Conversations that, Hugh feels, are hard to come by on today's media platforms.


After realizing meaningful connections are essential to societal growth, he also realized they're impossible to have when someone is "connected" with more than 150-ish people.

Understanding that, he continues to work with his team to create a platform to educate its users and give them the best tools they need to succeed and grow.


Emphasizing personalization and quality over growth or quantity, Hugh wants Toarc United’s foundation to be based on real relationships and real connections to help actual people in day-to-day life. He believes that technology is most useful when it's coupled with the ways traditional relationships have been formed for thousands of years.


If you'd also like to make a real difference, please join our journey by subscribing to the Podcast, Donating to Entrepreneurs, or check out the Travel Page for more ways to get involved.