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Donate to Entrepreneurs In Ukraine

A portion of your donation will be specifically dedicated to putting money directly into the pocket of Ukrainian entrepreneurs and freelancers.


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This free podcast and platform have been developed to educate aspiring innovators and entrepreneurs around the world. If you want to help and contribute to a platform that aims to enable borderless entrepreneurship, your donation will do just that.


Developing Partnerships

Currently Toarc United is in the process of connecting communities in parts of South America, Africa, and Indonesia. We will update here when those connections are official!

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You all are the reason this Podcast and Platform were created. Our goal is for you to be able to openly communicate, find, and network with others around the world, no matter your situation. We want to fan the flame of your idea so you can share it with others and realize your creation.


Unfortunately, the world gives different experiences to different people. Some people around the world are struggling with war and oppression, while others know nothing of the situation. Please help us give back to the entrepreneurs around the world affected by such atrocities by donating to Toarc United. It's time we begin sharing our fortune with those in very hapless circumstances.

100% of your donation (if chosen) will go towards supporting and funding the entrepreneurial community in Ukraine which has been in an egregious fight for some time now. Otherwise, the other part of your donation will go to helping entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world.

No one ever got anywhere alone. Especially in business. Entrepreneurs need a network. Toarc United's plans are to ensure entrepreneurs in Ukraine and around the world aren't isolated and can continue to motivate, innovate and elevate their society the way they see fit.

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