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Calling all Digital Nomads

Toarc United is Citizen Remote

On a quest for greater international relations, Toarc United connected with Citizen Remote, a rapidly growing platform, who also strives to connect on a grander scale.

Who is Citizen Remote

Citizen Remote at it's core is a Digital Nomad Community that helps individuals during the potentially unfamiliar process of relocating internationally.

What Citizen Remote Does

Did you know that if you work remotely, there are many opportunities for you to travel and live abroad? Citizen Remote helps with just this. Assisting in the relocation process by filtering through the best lawyers, houses & apartments, financial advisors, hidden gems of travel destinations, and much more.


This is because when you move to a new place, it's hard to know whom to trust, what to do, or how exactly to do it. That's why all we ask you to do, is trust the Digital Nomads themselves at Citizen Remote who have already checked and filtered through the best, entirely for you.


With unique passport journals, social connectivity technology, an automated visa tool, an events platform, and a collaborative digital nomad community that enables innovation, Citizen Remote is the ultimate and only Digital Nomad resource you'll need.

What does this mean for you?

Our long-term goals have not changed at Toarc United. We are still creating a Non-Profit conglomerate of Investors, Engineers, Scientists, and Innovators to help propel the next generation of entrepreneurs more effectively and efficiently. However, the exciting news is that there is a brand new app to help this vision become reality!

Happy Innovating!

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We apologize to anyone who may be affected by these changes as we shift away from consulting for the time being.