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15. Tech Legos

Hugh: [00:00:00] All right guys, welcome back to Thoughts of a Random Citizen. I am your host, as always, Hugh Sifu. I don't know why I'm sounding like a superhero movie right now, but I'm just in a good mood. Hopefully, you guys have enjoyed your week. I actually have a podcast, not about politics. Hopefully, that's a good thing for those of you who don't like those episodes. Again, these are just random thoughts that hopefully you enjoy.

Today's podcast is going to be about entrepreneurial ideas. As always, with entrepreneurial ideas, come invest in opportunities because that wonderful tool called Google allows you to find stocks and things and companies that are avenues in which you can invest in the ideas that I express. I think that rhymed maybe, I don't know, didn't mean to.

Today, I have an exciting idea that I'm assuming has been thought of, like all ideas, but it's just implementation. However, the idea is simple, tech legos, something that I think is going to be a thing in the future. To the extent in how it's going to be implemented, I'm not sure, but there's two avenues in how I'm looking at, again, tech legos, not actual Legos that are techie. For example, I have a drone, and that drone does one thing, it flies and takes videos.

It's cool. It's great. However, what if I could take that drone, and then turn around and turn it into, I don't know, an RV car, [00:02:00] or a submarine that goes underwater, or a boat that goes on top of the water. And essentially, recreate, I could have different styles of camera infrared, I could do different things with all of that just by adding on to essentially basic motherboard if you want to call it that. Essentially, you would just have a basic, let's call it iPhone or a laptop, but the size of a drone or the back of a drone, and you just have parts that you could buy that connect with it.

I think Apple's going down this route with all of their internet of things that's coming out. I think that this will be a massive opportunity in the future, to essentially just buy, let's say, an iPhone, and then you can plug in that iPhone. I'm just using iPhone as an example. You plug that into whatever add-on you want hence, the name the tech legos.

If you wanted to plug in your iPhone and have a boat, do whatever that you want with the boat, record, or that boat can turn into a submarine, dive down, do research underwater, do anything. Essentially, you just have a small drone-like object or a larger drone-like object that connects. Then I took this one giant leap forward. As I'm traveling, and as I feel the world is going to the internet of things and connectivity and worldwide ability to connect to WiFi and internet, that is going to lead to less permanent location.

If you go back away in time, [00:04:00] people traveled, they went from one place to the next since the beginning of time. That's how we moved with the flow of the earth. Since we created feudalism and we essentially created crops in a home, we didn't move around as much. I feel in all of us, while some would like to stay and enjoy that lifestyle, others would like to travel more. Traveling with a car is great, but what about traveling with a home? This is the extension of that tech lego idea that I had.

As I've been road tripping for some time now, I thought, "Why not be able to go anywhere, a random, grass pad, a hill pad in the forest and be able to just have my home there. While you can do this with RVs, and that's great. I thought in the distant future, why not be able to hook up rooms of a house and have them fly to you based on your GPS location? Obviously, this is very advanced tech that I would have no idea how to implement, but it's an idea that I think, could and should be implemented in the future.

Essentially, you have a living room of a house, or you can have the whole house come, but if you only have specific areas, like a bedroom of a house, a living room of a house, office of a house and kitchen of a house, and you click on your little watch in the future and you just say, "Come to this location," and you're on a hillside. Then all of a sudden, a few hours later, here comes your friggin kitchen, plops down, dope. "One of my kitchen and bedroom, great."

You come, [00:06:00] it flies, connects, boom. How cool would that be? We think, "Oh my goodness, there's no way that's possible." Why not? If we can have a helicopter that has a lot of weight attached to a propeller, and it flies, and we have drones that can literally take off in aircrafts and everything now that can literally take off and fly somewhere and land on their own just by a simple tracing on a line, why couldn't you have something like a living room fly up like a drone when it's told to fly to a spot and land? Why couldn't you have your bedroom follow?

You could have your whole house, but in my mind, that's just too much and too heavy, and unnecessary. Especially when they can connect, aka the tech legos. I just thought that was a really cool idea, and you could literally in a world in which people will travel in the future, I think more often and in a world where interconnectivity is key and essential, and open borders when the world's more peaceful and we figured out this whole non-authoritarian, people will end up running the future life.

Then I think that will be really cool. That if you wanted to drive to China, and then go over to Europe for a few days, or a few weeks, or just move over there, there would be areas allocated by the government that you can go set up, have your area, fly your house over and then fly it back and keep traveling or travel somewhere else and fly it there.

Just a cool idea, obviously really difficult idea but cool idea, I thought. [00:08:00] Hopefully you guys like that. Don't really know where to invest in that haven't really looked too much into it. For the beginning of that, they get the drone side of thing. There's obviously a lot of avenues you can invest there, which I would recommend because I think that's going to be more prevalent in the future. Hope you guys enjoyed this episode. I will talk to you next week on Thoughts of a Random Citizen. Have a good one.

[00:08:27] [END OF AUDIO]

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