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Ass Seed

Updated: Jan 21, 2022


Hugh: [00:00:00] All right, guys. Welcome back to Thoughts of a Random Citizen. I'm your host as always Hugh Sifu. Today I have a good episode. Title of it is ass seed, and you'll understand why later in the episode, but essentially it is about the future in regards to food, how we see the world in the future and whether that's a logical reality for the world. Pretty much, we have this idea that we have to protect all life on earth, which is a great idea. We want to get away from eating meats, meaning, get away from eating other animals.

We want to also stop all animals from going extinct. We want to protect all life. This creates an issue in regards to food shortages. It's pretty obvious in my mind that as I've been hearing since I was younger, that we are projected to have food shortages in the near future. I was hearing it as early as 2050, but now since COVID hit, it's been brought back up into mainstream a bit more often.

If you've noticed going to the grocery store, at least down here in Australia, [00:02:00] before COVID hit, I would go and buy a capsicum or red peppers, green peppers, yellow peppers, you call them elsewhere. Those capsicums were normal size. They looked like capsicums. During the middle of the pandemic, I noticed that these capsicums were discolored, misfigured huge because what was going on, they were pumping hardcore growth hormones to ensure that we had food, capsicums, so we didn't run out of peppers.

This trend I think, is going to continue. It's a trend that we really need to be aware of because when we're going from a world of deglobalization and less trade, which I don't know how much longer that will last, but it's something that's an issue when our human population is ramping up to extremes. We're trying to create less poverty for the poor, which again are all great things, but we don't realize the outcomes that will happen because of that.

When we have to not only save all animals, but we also have to save all people, people who might not even provide for society, those people who just take from society who don't do anything to give back, that's a virus of a human or a virus of an animal. Before you freak out, just hear me out for a bit. Humans are a virus on earth. Animals, in general, could be seen as a virus on earth.

If the earth was a human, [00:04:00] what grows naturally on earth? Well, plants via seeds and whatever. You could see plants as being the cells of the earth and animals, life forms that take from the earth, when reaching an unnatural balance with that taking, they become a virus. We are a bacterium that could be bad when taking too much.

If you know anything about kombucha, kombucha is a fermented tea, and ferment items have natural bacteria in them but because of that fermentation process, that bacteria is healthy bacteria for you to consume, but you can also have unhealthy bacteria that doesn't promote anything good and it just takes. When we grow, humans, to an extreme and only take and support those who don't do anything for society, for the planet besides take and survive, that's not good. That's not sustainable. Also, side note, if you hear stuff in the background, I apologize.

I am in the beautiful Byron Bay at the moment, and I am upstairs of the Northern Hotel. It's a bit noisy on the street down below, but it's an excellent, beautiful Friday. I think I've said excellent, beautiful too many times, but hopefully, you guys are doing all right out as well. I hope that you understand that this rant isn't supposed to be a bad thing. It's not supposed to be, oh my goodness. He wants to not help people. No, it's just that when we go about things in this way, [00:06:00] we neglect the outcomes.

We see this short-term, oh, this is good but then we don't think, well, is it sustainable? Because we're projecting food shortages that are probably ramped up before 2050 now. Then on top of the food shortages that we're already projecting for humanity, we are now saying in having a society that speaks out against the inhumane ways of eating animals and meats. We want to keep all of humans alive and then not even eat over half of the nutrients, we're omnivores. We get half from our nutrients from plants and half from meats.

Yes, we can only eat plants, but when we're already talking about food shortages, how are we going to sustain on a global scale without meat? That's not really feasible, and not only that, but I was reading the other day a back of a wine bottle and it said, "Nature isn't sanitized, so why should what we consume be? I thought that was a pretty good quote. The wine was pretty delicious an Italian wine.

I was just thinking like, that's absolutely true, which got me onto this. You see these beyond meat and all these plant-based meats, but I started to research about the health benefits of them. They're not super healthy. Most of what goes into it to create the texture and mimic what actual meat tastes like makes it pretty bad for you. One sausage of a [00:08:00] plant-based meat, it contains over half of your daily recommended sodium intake. If you continue that long enough, it's bad for your heart.

Obviously not only that but the dyes and synthetic preservatives and flavors that also help mimic that flavor and meat texture are proven to be extremely unhealthy and dangerous and yet we have lobbyists that ensure that they are still able to use them because they're cheaper. On top of all of that, when you see things like the actual plants inside of it, and you see things like refined coconut oil, it's been deoxidized and bleached. It removes most of the nutrition and healthy benefits.

That's across a lot of what it says when you see actual, refined anything. It's been soaked in bleach and that's what we're consuming. To get to the other part of the episode called ass seed, this is a bit TMI. Hopefully, I don't know, I got to say it, but so I had this bagel the other day and there were these seeds in there and I like seeds on my bagel pretty good. Anyways, they had this coating glaze on them and it went through the digestive system.

I shouted out, sorry about that but the seeds were still there. My body did absolutely nothing, got no nutrition from that because they had been coded and plastified. That's not a word, but I think what I'm saying is the fact that we create this food and say, oh, it's healthy. It's got seeds in it but then the seeds have been coded and treated in a way that they're no longer healthy because they had to be [00:10:00] preserved long enough to get to your plate.

These are all things that I feel like we need to be more aware of. All right, I'm all for saving animals and saving people, but how are we going to continue forward if that's the thing? We're talking about food shortages without saving animals and not eating meat and then we want to go into an unhealthy diet of artificial foods that don't give you the nutrition and actually make you more hungry because you're not getting the nutritional values of the foods that you actually need, pumping fertilizer in food to grow faster, creating these misshaped objects, not allowing our digestive systems to even digest them.

We're still growing and we want to save everyone, people who just take, animals who don't provide. I fear we're getting to a point in society where we have become the virus. While we could kill the host, I have a feeling that the host might have other plans. Sorry about the dark and gloomy episode that I just threw your way. Hopefully, you guys think about that and don't think about it in a bad way, come up with solutions, come up with better alternatives.

This is why I really like companies like John Deere and then other companies who are in the [music] agro-industrial sector [00:12:00] because it's going to be quite important. It already is with COVID. It's going to be definitely much more important in the future. I think that we need to remember that we're not these godlike creatures, we are animals all the same and we came onto this earth and had to survive thus far by eating foods, not artificially making them. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed that episode. I will talk to you guys next week on Thoughts of a Random Citizen. Have a good one.


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