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Happiness Isn't So Hard

Updated: Mar 22

All right, all right, all right. Welcome back to Thoughts of a Random Citizen, guys. I am Hugh Sifu per ush. Today, still in arts factory, still birds and crap, so there's that. Hope you like it. It's a bit calming for me. It's kind of nice living in a freaking jungle, but maybe not for your ears. Anyways, apologies. Today's episode is going to be about the power of positivity.

Don't really know what that was, I'm just in a good mood today. Honestly though, people, this one's going to be a short episode. It's going to be quite simple, but positivity is huge in life. Taking one on the chin, rolling with the punches, and just continuing forward. It helps to have a bit of a plan, shit hits the fan, but also just understanding that one, time heals all wounds, and two, that no matter what happens in life, it happens for a reason.

I know I can hear half of you out there thinking, "Oh God, this guy, everything in life happens for a reason." If you don't like that, everything that happens, there is a lesson. That is what is meant by everything in life happens for a reason, because no matter how shit, whatever happened just happened is, take the lesson out of it and grow. That's why youth is not wise. Why? Because wisdom is only found through time, through experience, through those shitty lessons in life.

That's why you have to take the positivity out of that. That's why that's what that means.

I know you can be like, "Oh God, I can't believe that he just said, fucking everything happens for a reason," but everything that happens teaches you a lesson. That's why youth is not wise. Youth might be smart but youth is not wise because wisdom is only found through trial and error, through time. Something I feel like we forget. Anyways. I can go into a bit of a deeper dive and analysis on that, especially in regards to religion because I've had some conversations recently about that. There was somebody saying the other day that essentially, they don't like to believe in God because of the fact that if they believe in God, then He's let all of this terrible stuff happen in the world. If He could change it, then He would.

Yes. All right, that makes sense, but if you're going to go like on the God route, let's go back to the freaking Adam and Eve argument that we had God's world, a perfect world, right? If we're going back on this religious talk, and Eve decided to do the one thing that like if we wanted to live in a perfect world of God's rules, well, He created it for us, and then we picked a freaking apple, and then He said, "Get the hell out," but because of that, He said, "You guys have your own freewill," so everything that happens in this world is caused because of free will, because of what humans do and interact with each other. Has nothing to do with freaking God.

We had that opportunity and blew it. If we're really gonna go to the religious, by the book example, we had the opportunity to live in His perfect world and blew it. Now, I'm not even going to go into the Adam and Eve thing because I have my own opinions on that. Point being is free will is obviously a thing and all negative, bad things are caused by our own actions, plain and simple. God has nothing to do with the negativity in life. The negativity in life is created 100% because of our actions, so is the positivity in life.

Moving away from the religious talk, I just wanted to briefly touch on that. Whatever happens in your life, just continue forward and be happy with it. Understand that maybe because you're moving on to something new, it gives you an opportunity to move on to something new. Maybe it wasn't the way you wanted it to go, but that's not a bad thing. There's so much that people can sit back and be like, "Oh, what if. Oh, darn." When in hindsight, we could live a perfect life, but that's not reality. Try to look at life in a more positive light, no matter what happens, no matter how bad it is, and don't cling on life itself. I don't know, that might sound dark, I guess, but it's not meant to. It's not meant to sound dark. It's just, life is what it is. It's something beautiful that we should all cherish.

When life is lost, yes, it's unfortunate, but are you really going to say that, let's go back to the beginning of the argument, that all this negativity in the world. If you're no longer around, well, that's perfect for you. Like you're no longer in the negativity. Or if you're focusing on the positivity, it's sad that we lose somebody that we care about, we're going on death here, but at the same time, that per person's fine. They're good, they don't care anymore, and they're on to the next one. It sucks that that person's not around, but just remember what they brought to the table. Remember the good things. Don't dwell, period.

The power of positivity is ferocious and hopefully something that is more abundant in the future, because pessimist’s suuuuck-- You ever talk to a pessimist? It's just not a fun conversation. Yes, obviously, it's not like-- Life goes in cycles, things happen, you're going to be down sometimes, but just always try to remember that time heals all wounds, and keep on keeping on, people. I don't know, sometimes you just need a little motivation, to know that it's going to be all right. Yes, I don't know.

Hopefully, you guys liked that episode, but I will talk to you next week on Thoughts of a Random Citizen as always feel free to go to, make comments or ask something if you want to talk about it on the show. Next week, I'm going to be talking about where I see the market because I haven't touched on it in a few months since pretty much the beginning of the year, and quite a bit has changed in the beginning of the year. I will release an episode next week about the market. If you like that side of things, I haven't really gone the entrepreneurial/investing in a while. Anyways, enjoy your guys week. Thanks. Bye.

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