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No Doubt This is Politically Incorrect

Updated: Jan 21, 2022


Hugh Sifu: [00:00:00] All right, guys. Welcome back to Thoughts of a Random Citizen, I'm your host, as always, Hugh Sifu. I'm kind of just doing a bonus episode here because I got a bunch of new equipment and I'm excited to use it. [chuckles] I do have a podcast already ready to go but I just figured I'd let everyone know that I'm really excited to be recording on this stuff. Plus, I got a new intro, obviously, if you noticed. Yes, I'm just excited, guys. Hopefully, your weeks are going great. Today's pretty simple and pretty quick.

It's going to be a bonus episode, so I don't know, a few minutes. It's a bit controversial but I don't give a shit. Here we go. We say, "Fuck the police." They enforce the rules dictated from above. Take them away and we have chaos. Meaning murderers doing what they want, with no one, like a Batman, stopping them. Batman being something feared by the criminals, aka today's cops. Take away the cops. I know that the argument isn't really take away the cops, but we still have this, "Fuck the police," kind of thing.

You take them away-- I was on the Gili Islands, which is just outside of Bali. There are no cops there at night. One thing led to another. Me and my buddy thought we were going to get murdered that night because there were no fucking police to call. If you want to live that way, go ahead. It's a fucking scary world. It's not cool, I almost shit my pants that night. [00:02:00] I could go into the story, but I'm not going to. Point being is, without the police, it's a scary, scary world.

I understand that how they act and treat citizens is not okay sometimes, but it's only what their orders are. They're like soldiers in a war. They only reflect the policies of the people creating them. The politicians are the people-- We should be chanting, not "Fuck the police," but "Fuck the politicians," demanding not less from the police but more from our politicians. Do not mistake this for a call for them to obtain more powers, just more directive in what few things they should rule over.

I'll say that again. I'm not saying that we should give more power to the politicians to direct more, but they're the ones who should be responsible for the police force, or anything else, getting out of hand. They're the ones who create the laws. The police are just enforcing them. They're enforcing them the way in which they're directed. Yes, obviously, there's a bad egg every now and again, which is fine, prosecute them. No one is really complaining about that and if they are, I don't even want to-- no.

Obviously, people do bad things and when they do, punish them. Nobody's going to complain about that. We need more directive. That's not meaning politicians get more powers to do things. No, no, no. They just need to be better and do the job of the few things that they should actually be doing. Just a thought from a random citizen. Instead of saying, "Fuck the police," next time say, "Fuck the politicians." They're the ones [00:04:00] fucking your life up.

Anyways. I really like this new everything that I got here. I won't go into detail what I got, but I can hear myself while I'm talking now, in the headphones. It's fucking nice. Also, hopefully, you enjoy the new tune. Big shout out to Big Wild featuring Rationale. The song is 6's to 9's. I freaking love it.

Annoying disclaimer, obviously, these are my thoughts. They don't reflect anything that any of the artists that I play think. What a world we live in, where I have to say that crap for you guys, for the few retards out there who've frigging got a Big Wild and say, "Oh, my God, [unintelligible]." Fucking hell.

Then I got the other people, who are like, "I can't believe you just said retard." Okay, well, fucking freedom of speech cunt, right? Fucking don't listen to my episode. You don't have to. I'm not fucking making you. Get fucked, honestly. The shit that kids said to me when I was a kid, I'm not even going to go into. At the end of the day, sticks and stones, people break your bones but words shouldn't really hurt you, unless you're just a puss. God, I've had too many Red Bulls today for this crap.

Anyways. A bit of an explicit episode today, I dropped the F-bomb a few too many times, but get [beep]. [chuckles] There you go. I helped you out for one, guys. Everybody gets one. No, but honestly, a little bit of a side of me that you might not have heard in the past. Sometimes I just like to have fun and talk the shit. You really shouldn't get upset. A lot of people who know me think this episode's funny. If you don't know me, you might hate me. [laughs] Couldn't tell you, don't really care.

[00:06:00] In all seriousness, love each other and treat people with respect and blah, blah. Don't get bent over backwards if somebody makes a joke. If you do get bent over backwards because somebody makes a joke, well, then, I'm sorry for you because that just doesn't sound very fun, honestly. You sound like you got your own problems you might need to work on. Just a thought from a random citizen.

Anyways, guys, have an excellent rest of your week. I will talk to you next week on Thoughts of a Random Citizen. Cheers.

[00:06:35] [END OF AUDIO]

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