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Today's Cigarettes, Yesterdays Opium Addicted Chinamen

Updated: Jan 21, 2022


Hugh: [00:00:00] Alright guys, welcome back to Thoughts of a Random Citizen. I'm your host as always, Hugh Sifu. and today a little bit of a bonus content episode. By that I just mean it's a short story with a thought behind it that doesn't necessarily mean it's true. As always facts and logic rule the day. However, this story does have to do with a doctor so boom, go [bleep] yourself. People don't really care to listen.

Now I always think it's funny that some people are like, oh blah, blah, blah. I don't really have an example behind that but you're wrong. I'm like, wait, I know that this might be characterized as a conservative mindset but at the end of the day, a doctor is agreeing with me. Does that really make you conservative just-- I feel like the conservative mindset. While, I'm not conservative about all things but just because I have a conservative mindset about certain things, just because something isn't progressive doesn't mean that you're close minded. It can mean that the facts are on my side. Just because you think that I'm wrong might mean you're close minded. I don't know if that made sense but it might in a bit. Anyways, I'll cover all bases when I'm explaining and no, I didn't just say that progressives are close minded or unfactual. Just shh, listen okay, shh.

The other day me and the girlfriend, Greta. The Italian that I've probably said a thing or two about on this podcast went to the hospital. She had to get her wisdom teeth yanked out a week before bacterial infection went crazy. Medical negligence a [00:02:00] very serious possibility. Anyways, while we were waiting to get her surgery-- She's fine now. It was pretty serious though an abscess grew and blocked off her breathing and it was pretty scary when it was going on but she's fine now so no worries.

Essentially, when we were there the anesthesiologist came up, then the night before the surgery and he said, "Just need to know if you smoke at all." She said, "No I don't smoke at all." Then hesitated and he looked around. He was like “no cannabis or anything?” She's like well, “yes, I smoke cannabis from time to time”. I just looked at her because she loves to smoke cannabis more than time to time I guess I would say, which is not a bad thing.

She's like, "All right, yes, I smoke quite often." He's like, "All right, well I just need to know for the medical side of things putting you under is a pretty serious thing and we need to understand how your lungs are going to hold up and everything and blah, blah, blah. It's because they're sticking a tube down for breathing and blah, blah, blah. But he pretty much went on to say yes well cigarettes--

Well, he didn’t pretty much, He went on to say, "Cigarettes, cannabis, doesn't matter, smoke is smoke, cancer is cancer. It will both do the same thing. I was like, boom. I've been waiting so long for a medical professional to say something like that. It just made me happy to have confirmation in what was just a thought in my head. There's not very much research out there that suggests otherwise because I feel like we're not supposed to know that it's just as bad as cigarettes which makes me think that eventually marijuana THC and CBD will be more-- It'll be more socially accepted to be ingested. Which is again why I think weed [00:04:00] bars and cocktail drinks and stuff like that I think I've mentioned before are going to be huge in the future.

Essentially, it also got me thinking that's what if weed today is yesterday's opium and meaning opium addicted Chinamen. Exactly, what? I thought this was really good episode, fun for me, hopefully, for you. Think about it like this. We back in the day-- Meaning we, Western society. The UK, the British Empire excuse me, got China addicted to opium when China became a trade threat and was rising in their power to essentially push them aside and we got them addicted to opium and so they were less of a threat.

What if today weed is that exact same threat to the Western society? Meaning you see what China's policies are and not just China but most of the eastern states around the world. They have no intention in legalizing marijuana because it doesn't provi-- I mean it does provide benefits and don't get me wrong. I'm all for marijuana. I think that it obviously has negative connotations just the same as we thought.

Literally, guys, what, 70 years ago, we used to think smoking cigarettes were good for you. We're in this new day and age where it's like, well, now we know that it was bad. Well, there aren't very many studies that are done in frickin eggs are good for you one week. Then three years later they're bad for you and then three years later they're good for you again. Okay, it's pretty much whatever lobbyists promote enough to get their shit passed to sell you the advertising of the week. I hope that you understood what that meant.

Essentially, [00:06:00] you noticed that these eastern states don't have any intention of passing this drug that promotes laziness, people being content, less motivation. I could go on. Again, don't get me wrong I'm not against weed. Actually, if I voted once I voted-- I'm from Missouri. It was on the docket a few years ago. I smoke weed all the time and I voted against it. However, I did move to Colorado two years after that and went into a weed shop and holy shit it's so much nicer to have everything laid out labeled in front of you. You know exactly what is in what weed. It's definitely the way to go. But that does mean that we turn the blind eye to the fact of the negative connotations of it and how as a society as a whole addicted to a substance that essentially distracts from progress. If you think that I'm lying or you don't know what I mean, get addicted to weed and you'll see what I'm talking about. If you laugh because I said addicted to weed well you don’t-- Have you ever smoked all the time and have you ever-- I know you can't really become addicted but at the same time you can especially if you mix it with tobacco. There are these things that people say and do and then just the other side isn't really allowed to counter that but at the same time how does that promote growth for not only me but you and all of us?

Anyways, I don't really have much more to say than that because this was the story that led into a thought and this podcast is thoughts from a random citizen. Hopefully, that made you guys think of it. It ran a bit longer than I expected but I hope you guys get the gist of it. Hopefully, you enjoyed and [00:08:00] I'll talk to you guys next week with something more revalant-- prevalent, relevant, there is-- to actual research. Anyways, have an excellent rest of your week guys, bye.

[00:08:14] [END OF AUDIO]

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