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6. 5 Eyes Part 2: China, Communism & Apparent Democracies

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Hugh Sifu: [00:00:00] Hey guys. Thanks for listening to Thoughts of a Random Citizen. I wanted to remind everyone that the ideas expressed in the show are just thoughts from random citizens. While I do have my areas of expertise and do my best to research thoroughly before each episode, this podcast is designed to stir conversation and provoke your mind. These are just thoughts that pop in and out of the head of an everyday citizen. Please keep that in mind when listening and understand that facts and logic rule the day. Thanks for keeping an open mind and happy listening.

All right, guys. Welcome back to Thoughts of a Random Citizen. I'm your host as always, Hugh Sifu. Today, we'll be picking up pretty much exactly where we left off from the last episode. If you weren't a fan of the last episode, probably won't be a fan of this one. Just a heads up for that. Next week I will get back to more of the investing in entrepreneurial side of things but I always like to take a break in between. I'm actually probably going to have next week an outlook on 2021 and where I'm focused on investing. I know by the time it comes out, it'll probably be towards the end of January but it'll still give good insight for the next 11 months.

Also, I will be moving to Tazzy soon. Tasmania Australia, really beautiful. Google if you've never heard of it. It'll lead off with investing in the market outlook and then it'll go into travel and tips and places in Australia up to the point that I am now. Hopefully, you guys can look forward to that episode but without further ado, I will start us off and it will pick up exactly where last week left off. Enjoy, guys.

[00:02:00] While the Chinese people are wonderful, a form of government that allows one man to dictate without the compromise of the people he's dictating is non-band. I'll get into an example of how the Chinese government bulldoze houses and move people into these camps in a second, but that's not the people we want dictating the future of earth. With the United EU in five eyes and democracy being the backbone, one ruled by the people and a transparent light with freedom of speech at the front and center that is the best course forward. Now, a rising China isn't a bad thing. If it wasn't for the ''communist nation'', even the true communism doesn't even come close to how the CCP operates.

Let's just dive into that really quickly. Communism is a political and economic system that seeks to create a classless society in which the major means of production, such as mines and factories are owned and controlled by the public. There is no government or private property or currency and the wealth is divided among citizens equally and according to the individual need. That's not even close to how the CCP operates. The CCP operates in an authoritarian regime, mostly influenced by Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet leader who changed communism to an authoritarian type of communism. Party leaders establish a command economy in which the state-controlled property and its bureaucrats determined wages, prices, and production goals.

Socialism which is supposed to be the stepping stone before communism, just to touch on this real quick. [00:04:00] That comes from Marx, its creator, who developed the idea has never truly been implemented because the unsuccessful nature of past socialism implementation attempts. The major flaw is that besides easily being corrupted by those in power, you aren't rewarded for finding ways for more production and wealth leading to less people thinking outside the box. Because of this, it leads to lower production which leads to mass poverty because less people providing means less wealth creation which means less wealth distribution.

Now hold up, keep an open mind, whoa, whoa. God, I can just, oh, I can just hear half you guys out there. Just getting your panties in a wad. Really aggravating, really just embarrassing. Honestly, people. No, I kid, I kid. Honestly, let's just talk about that for a second. Entrepreneurship is hard. Risking your future and pouring time and energy into something is definitely not for everyone, especially when even if you pour all that time and energy might not even work out. The chance to create change is inspiring. The chance to get wealth and create change for the better is even more inspiring.

Entrepreneurs and inventors want to change and to implement a better way for the world to operate. If you tell someone that wants to create change and a more efficient way to make things work, if you tell them to pour hours and hours into something and work much harder than everyone else who is out and enjoying their life and at the end, they're not going to get any reward besides a pat on their back saying, "Good job", [00:06:00] they're less likely to do it. If that inventor is a genius who created something amazing and has another great idea to benefit all of society, he has to start back from ground zero because he didn't gain any extra wealth or influence, in a true socialist society.

He didn't gain any extra wealth or anything from his past and mentioned, he got a pat on the back. It was distributed to everyone and he has another great idea. He has to go through all of that incredibly hard work and a society where it isn't easy to get extra materials for experiments in the first place because how would the society say, "Oh yes, that's necessary. Let's get more dedication to this one individual's thought, even though we need that for other things that are actually necessary." Who deemed it necessary to people, well, he has to convince all of the people?

Let's just bring an example out. Back when people thought the earth was flat, so like three weeks ago but really back when people thought the earth was flat, people were burned at the stake just for having thoughts like that. Today, sometimes people have ideas and people get really upset about it just because they have a brand new idea about something. You're telling me in a society that operates completely fair and independent of everyone, if Einstein has another bright idea like we were just talking about, he has to convince all those people that would otherwise burn him at the stake to get the resources, to implement and find that discovery.

In that true form of socialism, take it back to flat earth time, well, we would have never even found out in true social society that the earth was round unless that entire society deemed it's something [00:08:00] worthy of dedicating time and resources to do which considering they were burning people for even thinking about it, seems unlikely. You can think openly about this and how it does not enable rapid growth by any means. Well, that just means less creativity which leads to less longer-term production which leads to less distribution of wealth and blah, blah, blah.

Hopefully, you can understand that while there is a good way to implement a healthy mix of some socialists and some capitalist policies, a true socialist nation disincentivizes creativity which we know. If you don't know that, well, you're not really living in reality, I guess. There is a healthy mix. Some nations do it well. However, the implementation of this healthy mix of socialist and capitalist policies is crucial and needs to be well thought out and not rushed. Something I can go into a later episode, but a society that can provide basic care for its citizens is good. However, this implementation becomes flawed if that basic care is provided to those who only take from the system. Basic care which I think is a good thing should only be given to those who can contribute to society.

If you follow that line of thought down the rabbit hole, you'll see a little rabbit there waiting for you named logic and there's a little rabbit hole. It's probably making some sick beats or a movie or two. [00:10:00] Funny. Moving forward, a healthy government should never incentivize the principle of blind submission to authority as opposed to individual freedoms, of thoughts and actions. Chinese communism, which again is more in line with Lenin's authoritarianism is a type of government where political dissent is punishable by prison. The government that doesn't implement economic regulations to protect investors or workers' rights. A government that bulldozes towns with millions of people without their consent, and then turns around and throws those people into political reeducation camps.

Google it. Where they are then forced to assemble things such as your phone chargers, semiconductors, and we want to reopen trade with this government that does this to its people so our companies can profit off of these practices. Yes, that is what is happening at this current time. Why? Because those very, very rich, wealthy companies are paying lots of money to our government so then they can pay less money to Chinese citizens who are in camps. Political reeducation camps, don't get me wrong. They're politically re-educating people, obviously, it's okay. No, it's not.

Currently, another reason they're opening trade again is because the EU is in massive debt. China is willing to [00:12:00] pay to open up trade and help them get out of an economic situation that well, arguably trying to put them in, but that they got into themselves. Our governments are essentially accepting money from a regime, the CCP that enslaves its citizens through economic growth. If you're okay with that, great, but China is one of the lowest countries in the world in regards to human rights. One of the highest in regards to jailing journalists.

They cause genocide and slave people, harvest organs, ban languages, religion, burn books, among just a few of the things that they do. They censor the internet so extremely that if you google Tiananmen Square, it won't tell you what happened there. They use "free information" to corrupt the minds and persuade people's opinions and the people don't even know what's out there. Think about North Korea, and what they do to their citizens and censorship. Yet, we want to open trade and talk about bringing them into the new world reserve currency so they can further manipulate and do this abroad. We as individuals invest in their companies and allow these practices.

Again, Chinese as a people aren't bad. They are not bad but their government is straight up. Right now, China is in a massive trade war with Australia, tariffs, and everything. They're completely boycotting. [00:14:00] Why? Among other things, it's because Australia was just curious to how the Coronavirus started. China didn't like that. No, sir. Which side note, hey, we want to see why a massive disease that shut down the world's economy and global trade got out of your borders when you knew about it a few months before telling anyone. Is that cool? No, we're going to go to a trade war with you and boycott everything until you have to come back to us because you're financially insolvent.

We as individuals should try to understand and realize that if you want to invest in Chinese companies, you're funding this future. We should realize that globalization is good when it's not funny in a country that acts in these ways. If you want to be more wealthy, we always know that there's a way you can do it since the beginning of time, but sometimes it comes at a cost of your fellow man. There's other ways to get wealthy that don't involve investing in a future that promotes these things.

If you really think that China is doing great with the Coronavirus when it's jailing journalists and censoring information, even though it's the outbreak of the pandemic, and the most condensed country in the world, well, I question your sense of logic. That means they're either A, lying, B, treated the cure and told no one, or C, they broke every law of human rights and privacy to contain it. At the beginning of the pandemic, a friend of mine who currently lives in China, told me how they just [00:16:00] piled hundreds of dead bodies in the streets. If you want to live in that, then be my guest.


How do we determine what and how things are being run, if any form of government controls speech? Trying to graze its citizens. Well, do they really have a say in the matter of what they do day-to-day? Hell, did any of us really had a say in the matter of being locked down? Is there a gray line there or is it the same? How easy is it for the government to see which individuals could potentially be a future threat to their power, and eliminate them in untraceable ways, all because of data that they've gathered via phone searches, internet searches, GPS tracking?

I can guarantee you governments have developed AI that attempts to find those, "dangerous search habits," and then have that deem them to be a threat. Why can I guarantee this? Because China literally grades its citizens on whether you buy too many video games. By all means, I assume that they deem certain habits of your search to be dangerous to them because you get a bad score if you buy too many video games. At what point does our society say, "Hey, AI shouldn't determine which people should and shouldn't be allowed to interact with society because of their own curiosity."

If that continued, eventually our species wouldn't be capable of continued growth because it's the greatest strength and reason that we're here today. It's exactly because of that curiosity and quest for knowledge. If we are developing systems to find out those individuals who have been curious of things, and are saying that if you search for knowledge, you can be deemed dangerous by an algorithm that was designed and trusted [00:18:00] to benefit society, well, that's not good. An algorithm that isn't living doesn't understand our curiosity and isn't actually aligned with our human values or even capable of cognitive thought.


Relating this to five eyes and data gathering is important. How if one person like the ruler of China wants to dictate what is good or bad because of the potential threats to him, that's not good or if the regime wants to do the same, that's not good. What if they filtered that information to where future generations couldn't even have the real facts of what happened like Tiananmen Square? Or imagine a government that was in charge of the education system that only promoted certain books to read and censored others as false, no wait, never mind, I'll let you figure that one out.

If we censor the ways of our past, we will not correctly move into our future. Here is a good quote by Confucius, "Acquire new knowledge whilst thinking over the old and you may become a teacher of others." This literally explains that to have knowledge of the past aids in your acquisition of new knowledge. Think about the difficulties of acquiring new knowledge while only having part or even fake past knowledge. That's what happens when a government consents and not be transparent, honest, or loyal to its citizens. That's what happens when a government can be based around deception and lies for what they deem to be the greater good of society.

Another quote, which I just loved, this is just about education in general, [00:20:00] Confucius is a pretty smart guy, but it was a good quote that I thought you guys might like. "By three methods we may learn wisdom. First by reflection, which is the noblest second by imitation, which is the easiest, and third by experience, which is the bitterest." The point of all that is honest information and transparency is the key to our world. Lies and deception will only lead to future destruction. If we allow the governments to mimic those with the CCP, in regards to censorship it may lead to a more docile present, but not a prosperous future.

Data gathering by the five eyes and our governments while it started to determine what the enemy was doing so it could stop them has now been transitioned into monitoring its citizens and infringing on basic human rights. The worst thing is that we now allow corporations to do this just to target ads on us. Ads, something that's designed to target our weaknesses to get us to buy products are now being shoved down our throat because these corporations mine more data than our governments, just to expand profits.

We should really go back to having privacy be the forefront of our lives and operate in a manner that is oriented around respect, honesty and loyalty. We can do this by uniting together, finding similarities with our neighbors and talking about those similarities. Now, the reason I'm brought in five eyes is because while they started a long time ago, because they are the most trusting allies to each other as a data intelligence agency, what we can take from that now is that we should move that relationship [00:22:00] a step up.

We should move it to a place where our countries are even closer together. Then the data gathering led me into censorship in China, but the idea is that five eyes can bring a new assimilation to five very powerful countries throughout the entire world. That would be massively beneficial to the future direction of earth. How do we choose our own course of action moving forward that aligns more with the values that I've been talking about and hopefully the values that you hold? Well, be more aware of where you invest your money and what those people do with it. Understand how banks work and where they take and invest your money, understand that you don't have to bank with them if you don't like the way that they invest.

Be more involved with our government in the future education of the youth and the values being instilled instead of bingeing on Netflix all the time, which at the current moment, I'm bingeing How I met your mother. I've never seen it and I've always known of it, but it's so funny. I love it, anyways, don't binge as much guys, honestly. By the end of the day, the answer's always the same. Look at history. Every single time people have united around anything they succeed, every single time. What about the times that they haven't succeeded? They weren't united obviously, I swear, sometimes I get the stupidest questions. No, but more seriously. We have over the course of [00:24:00] the next few years, a large opportunity to take a step back and stop the bickering between each other.

Realize that most of my listeners, I doubt I have any in China, have it really good. You don't live in these camps, these political reeducation camps. You're not treated as slaves. We all have opportunities and, yes, we might have our differences, but you can find the differences and opinions in literally everything. You can always find a difference of opinion. People *beep* about the type of food. Hell, I remember when I was younger, my brother and I used to get in actual fights about the restaurant we would go to. Granted, we were children, but still you can find a difference in opinion of everything.

Guys, we're humans that's just what we do. Yes, we can spend all hours of all days and it's a lot easier when you don't get to do anything and you just have to sit at home and scroll all day, it's a lot easier to find the aggravation in life, but we really have an opportunity to unite and build a better world. Take it upon our shoulders to build for our children, because guess what? We could have grown up 60 years before our time and been in World War I and II. I guess it's a bit further than 60 years ago, depending on how old you are, but we have an obligation over the course of our lifetimes to stop allowing governments like the CCP to continue to abuse their citizens.

You can make money however want, but I will choose to not make the [00:26:00] money off of the backs of slaves. I hope that other institutions, whether it be banks or indexes that you might invest in also choose that same path. No, I'm not saying that we have to ban all communication because as I always say, communication is key, but we should not be engaging in things that benefit the CCP. We should instead work on a way to not only unite between each other the EU and the US and U cans and the five eyes and the 14 eyes, but the rest of the world as well. I know it's a tall order, but we're at a point where we can communicate with one another in a split second in different languages, via translation apps. Yet we found that time to *beep* and hate our neighbors instead of coming together and realizing the luxury we have, but just a thought from a random citizen.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed that episode, part two and part one. It's been enjoyable for me. Again, if you like this, please download it because it helps. It helps the future of this podcast. If you want to ask a question or have a topic be further explored, please don't hesitate. Record on and I'll play your recording and get your [00:28:00] question out there and make a podcast over it. If you are interested in more, the investing side of this podcast, I will go back to that next week. Again, this podcast is about a little bit of everything, but it's important things that we need to talk about guys, really is. I know you can get annoyed and ignore it, but then that just means that the people who have that control are going to continue that control in the way that they want without the okay of you, the people who actually have the power.

This was really fun episode though. We'll dive into a market analysis of 2021 and travel suggestions in Australia, some stock suggestions on my radar as well next week. I'm going to let the beat play for the next minute for a little peace and tranquility. Otherwise, thanks for listening to Thoughts of a random Citizen, and have a great week guys.

[00:30:00] [END OF AUDIO]

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