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Automate Your Workflows

If you're clicking on this resource it's quite probable that you're looking to free up some of your time. Maybe you're just searching for a way in which your business, or yourself, can spend less time sitting in front of a screen.

Make formerly Integromat's purple and white logo

Toarc United is a happy user of Make's services, they are truly a startup/entrepreneur's best friend. They can do so many things that help you save time during your day that you'd otherwise spend doing repetitive tasks. You may have to hire someone to help you implement your specific workflow, as it's not the simplest platform for the non-techies of the world. However, when considering your time, or that of an employee, it is no doubt the best way to cut costs and time for most all repetitive tasks.

If you'd like a detailed article about one of the many ways we use Make at Toarc United, check out this article where we dive into one of our automated workflows.

Otherwise, head over to Make, sign up and see what they can do for you!

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