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Letting Go of the Person You Used To Be by Lama Surya Das

I wanted this to be the book of the month for a few different reasons. One it pairs nicely with breaking from your own narrative, something I discuss with Dr. Rich Blundell in Episodes 46 and 47, but also because it’s January and this is the time of year people seem to be searching for a bit of a change.

This book helps you look into one’s own self to contemplate your position here on earth and also helpful ways to deal with grief or stress and understanding what they are to you. I like books like these because if you can’t reflect and understand your own self, you’re in no position to help anything or anyone with any kind of real effectiveness and chances are, you’re the cause of your own suffering. Having said that, I HOPE no one out there is really suffering to start this new year! If you are, or if you just want an excellent read that help you grow as an individual, check out this book by Lama Surya Das.

You can find more out about the book here.

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