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Random Thoughts #1

Hugh Sifu: Okay so a bonus episode here. You know what just upsets me? When someone stands in the middle of a room, doesn't have to be the middle of the room but they have a conversation so loud with someone else that everyone else can hear their conversation whether they really want to or not. I was like, "Isn't that kind of what social media is?" It's like shouting to anyone who will listen. Don't get me wrong, well, that's exactly what I'm doing but it is a great tool for some things but for conversations, not really.

If you want to have a conversation with me, then talk with me, please, but don't stand up on a fucking table and start shouting at me so everyone else can hear. If you did that in real life, one of three things would happen. I would laugh because it's funny. I'd ignore you because it's embarrassing or get really [bleep] pissed off because you're pissing me off while shouting at me from a tabletop. Maybe, maybe it'd be that once-in-a-lifetime moment where the dude or chick gets on the table and makes a speech that just slays the moment but not likely.

I've never seen it thus far in life. Emails and texts, fantastic, for conversation because you can have a conversation where there's not random people who are listening or you're just shouting at each other, but social media, it's more ideal for entertainment, education, or just unbiased information. That's probably what we should go that route with. Everything else is just distracting and ingenuine, to be honest.

I guess, again, that's kind of like this podcast but when I interview people that's a conversation. Win, win, win, Michael Scott. Idea, someone fix that, please. Anyways, enjoy your week.

[00:02:26] [END OF AUDIO]

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