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Random Thoughts #2

Hugh: Oi, mate, quick bonus episode here. Sometimes I like to do weird accents. That's just me. I did say, I don't know, two or three weeks ago that as I'm getting back from my Italy travels, I'm just catching back up. Random thought today. Remember way back when, that really wasn't that long ago, when people were super-locked down and you got a really expensive fine if you walked outside at all or anything like that, which is questionable in and of itself.

Then there were all these stories about how these rich people were just doing what they wanted because at the end of the day, fines don't really affect them. A $10,000 fine to Bill Gates isn't going to do shit. Then I had the idea, why not when a massive health pandemic is affecting every single human being, fine people based on their net worth? That way, instead of a $10,000 for fine, when Bill Gates gets caught by the police man who I bet would love to find him based on his net worth, he gets like a $10 million fine and then maybe they'll fucking stay inside just like the rest of us or not.

Anyways, just a random thought. I'll talk to you guys next week when I actually have an episode about Amtrak and the USPS. If you guys want to be prepared, it is an extension from episode number two, The Flow of Money. I'll talk to you guys then. Cheers.

[00:01:36] [END OF AUDIO]

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