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Season 3 Trailer

By: Thoughts of a Random Citizen Podcast

In this trailer, I’m revisiting the reasons why I created Thoughts of a Random Citizen in the first place, and also why I chose the pseudonym Hugh Sifu (related to teaching people about the importance of taking care of one's heart, mind and spirit).

Join me for Season 3 in which I’ll continue to explore how to make society more optimized, how to make things work better and waste less through entrepreneurship and innovation. So, expect better conversations with great guests.

My main principles continue to be:

Share knowledge and experiences

The aim will be to share my experiences and knowledge from my travels around the world while at the same time documenting my life as I evolve as a person from my mid-twenties to my mid-fifties.

I’m hoping to spark curiosity in my listeners and inspire them to explore the world and learn from the people they meet.

Give more than you take

By encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation, we can create a more efficient and sustainable world. I want to leave this world knowing that I have given more than I have taken. This is why I am so passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation.

Thoughts of a Random (Citizen Remote Podcast) is a podcast oriented around open ideas, entrepreneurship, politics, investing, philosophy, travel, and an odd take on history. Together with Toarc United & Citizen Remote we talk with thought leaders from all around the world to stir the innovative mind. This podcast specifically talks about the importance of having an international perspective, the ins and outs of the business world, the entrepreneurial life, the digital nomad life, investing and ways to enjoy life in the new age.

Businesses worldwide have very quickly oriented themselves around freelancing, digital nomads, remote workers, and diluting borders. If you'd like to find out how you can benefit on an individual or entrepreneurial level from that change, this podcast is for you & Citizen Remote can help.

If you’re a startup, needing to find useful tools, wanting to build custom software or generally struggling with the next steps you should be taking to optimize your companies bottom line Toarc United can help.

About the Host:

After obtaining a degree in Entrepreneurship Tim decided to travel the world in lieu of a 9 to 5. While still traveling, working on a few different projects and currently living somewhere in Spain, his focus now is to share with you all a wider, deeper perspective on all things... life.

Sponsored by: Toarc United & Citizen Remote

Disclaimer: None of what is mentioned on Thoughts of a Random Citizen or from Toarc United should be taken as investment advice.

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