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12. Underwater Disco


Hugh: [00:00:00] All right, guys. Welcome back to Thoughts of a Random Citizen. I'm your host as always Hugh Sifu. Today I just wanted to go a bit over what I've been up to lately and the fact that I haven't released a podcast and a really cool idea that I'm assuming it's probably out there somewhere. Granted I haven't come across one and it is a super easy and great opportunity I think, although it definitely has some opportunities for lawsuits, I guess, but you'll get that in a moment.

A shorter episode today as I am finishing up the last leg of my almost two-month-long vacation at this point. Tazzy was amazing and beautiful. Just passed through Glasgow or not Glasgow, Melbourne and I am in Bondi beach right outside of Sydney. It is amazing and I am excited to get surfing. We just arrived yesterday. The reason I said Glasgow earlier was because I was going to say that Melbourne reminds me of Scotland's Glasgow.

It's kind of a different vibe, take that as you will, whether it's good or bad. Yes, if you go to Australia, definitely Melbourne is the Glasgow of it. Sydney seems pretty sick and I'm excited to check it out over the next few days. Besides that, let's get into the main point of this episode. This is going to be, again, a very, very short episode, just releasing bonus content, but I, fortunately, have a long day to get some episodes recorded for you guys. Without further ado, here's my idea.


[00:02:00] Back when I was living in Broome in Australia up on the northwest corner, really beautiful, especially in Australia's winter for the rest of the world's summer, I was with my girlfriend and one day we decided to get some Ziploc bags, throw some speakers in, throw goggles in one of those scuba things that you can breathe underwater. There's a name for it, but I'm blanking right now. We essentially had an underwater disco and it was, surprisingly, with my crappy speakers and Ziploc bags, crystal clear sounding.

We had lights because my speakers have lights and the lights are changing and this was during the COVID lockdown. We just had literally nothing to do for days on end and at one point we got a new a bottle of wine or two and had a disco. It was a blast, and I thought, why is this not a thing? Again, that's where the lawsuit comes in because if you get people drinking and they're underwater, people will probably drown. Humanity isn't always top-notch and therefore lawsuits and crap but if that's the only reason I feel like we can go about that in a way that waivers or whatever, because again, it was amazing.

If I could go to a place like in Florida or somewhere close to the ocean and they got this massive pool where you put on some goggles and have a breathing tube that reaches up and you can like walk around underwater with, I don't know how you can drink somehow figure out that. That's a super cool idea. That is, I would absolutely do that and [00:04:00] I feel like that a lot of other people would definitely want to do that because I told some of my buddies and they were very intrigued.

Yes, that's pretty much it, figure it out, do what you want. If you open it, let me know because I'll be a paying customer and underwater disco. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this episode. I definitely want an underwater disco to be a thing by the time I die maybe one of you guys will figure it out. I'll talk to you guys next week with a more, hopefully, longer episode. Thanks for listening. Bye.

[00:05:02] [END OF AUDIO]

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