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Our Allocations. Our Strategy.
Our Vision.


First and foremost, NONE of what you'll find on this page or any page relating to our investments strategies should be taken as investment advise! By no means should you take OUR strategy that is designed specifically to OUR needs and OUR wants and assume it will work for you. It is your responsibility to do your own research before making any investments decisions. Toarc United is not a registered financial advisor. Toarc United is invested in some, but definitely not all of the stocks mentioned below. This is simply because it may not the best time to invest in these companies. Some are purely companies with potential and others are purely companies we think would make the world a better place. Please understand this when navigating through our investment allocations / potential investment strategies.

Having said that, below you'll find the highlights in specific categories of companies we really like. As mentioned above, this doesn't mean all of them are great investments at this time. It does mean we like the technology they're innovating and/or how they're changing the world and we would like to bring awareness to them. 


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